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We provide both standard and custom touch panels at low prices;

Industrial, Avionics, Commercial, Mobile, and Large Format Signage

Please contact our sales team ( for more information and pricing.

4-, 5-, 8-wire Resistive; Projected Capacitive; Large-size ANW

The below are some of the available touch panels. Please contact us for other available panels or custom panels.

Resistive Touch Panels 3/1/2016
Model Sensor Outline
Sensor Active FPC Tail FPC Length
3.5 M035TH 76.4X61.4 72X54.56 BR 20
4.3 M043SC 105.1X65.2 96.7X55.5 BC 13
6.5 M065PA 154.8X89.68 143.8X79.6 BL 33
7.0 M070IA 163.9X99 155.68X87.52 BC 60
7.0 M070LA 164.6X104.2 151.84X90.98 BR 60
7.0 M070SM 162.8X102.84 152.4X91.44 BL 60
8.0 M080IC 192.2X116.3 176.64X99.36 BR 60
8.0 M080SA 179X140.6 163X122.5 RC 100
9.0 M090IC 210.7X126.1 198.6X112.3 BR 60
10.1 MD102IM 234.6X145.5 222X133.2 BC 110
10.4 M104IA 223.4X171 211.1X158.4 BC 60
12.1 M121LA 265.4X217.6 246X184.5 BC 85
15.0 M150ZA 321X244 304.5X228.5 LL 200
15.0 M150BA 325.5X252.5 304.13X228.1 LC 100

Pcap Touch Panels (< 1K MOQ) 3/1/2016
Size (inch) Sensor Active
Sensor Outline Sensor P/N Controller
FPC Tail
7 153.19x94.52 168.52x107.37 TP3F070 USB/RS232/I2C Left-top
8.4 171.5x130.15 185.98x149.05 TP3F084 USB/RS232/I2C Bottom-left
9 196.8x118.08 217x136.5 TP3P090 USB/RS232/I2C Bottom-left
10.4 212.45x159.65 227.51x181 TP3F104 USB/RS232/I2C Bottom-right
12.1 247.87x186.4 268.56X202.34 TP3F121 USB/RS232/I2C Left-top
15 304.13x228.1 326.5x255.5 TP3F150 USB/RS232/I2C Bottom-left
15.6 346.2x195.5 363.13x216.49 TP3F156 USB/RS232/I2C Bottom-left
17.3 381.89x214.81 403x240 TP3F173 USB/RS232/I2C Bottom-left
18.5 411.6x232.2 434.45x265.15 TP3F185 USB Bottom-right
19 376.32x301.06 399x329 TP3F190 USB/RS232/I2C Bottom-left
19.3 477.7x100.44 493.7x126 TP3F190 USB/RS232/I2C Bottom-left
21.5 480X271.5 498.2X295.58 TP3F215 USB/RS232/I2C Bottom-left
24 519.39x324.96 546.39x355.6 TP3F240 USB/RS232/I2C Bottom-left

Pcap Touch Panels (> 1K~4K MOQ) 3/1/2016
Size (inch) Sensor Active
Sensor Outline Sensor P/N Controller FPC Tail
5.7 116.20x87.40 144.00x105.64 IDT-057 FPC (IIC) B-Center
7 153.40x92.44 169.80x112.45 IDT-070 FPC (IIC) B-Center
8.4 171.88x129.16 199.50x147.70 IDT-084 FPC (IIC) B-Center
10.1 220.56x139.2 239.28x161.02 IDT-101 FPC (USB) B-Center
10.4 211.40x158.80 230.00x183.81 IDT-104 FPC (USB) B-Center
12.1 246.76x185.32 263.20x211.78 IDT-121 FPC (USB) B-Center
15 305.70x229.67 326.50x262.88 IDT-150 COB (TP-418) B-Center
17 339.92x272.34 366.92x313.95 IDT-170 COB (TP-418) B-Center
19 376.38x301.43 397.04x334.03 IDT-190 COB (TP-418) B-Center
21.5 478.3x270.00 503.29x301.79 IDT-215 COB (TP-418) B-Center
24 528.00x297.50 570.00x342.00 IDT-240 COB (TP-418) B-Center

Large Format Pcap - ANW 3/1/2016
Size (inch) Sensor Active
Sensor Outline Sensor P/N Controller FPC Tail
42 930.9x525 990.0x600.4 420FS035 LROG956 B-Center
32 700.4x394.85 748x442 320FS035 LROG956 R-Top
27 598.74x337.66 643.71x383.88 270FS035 LROG964 R-Bottom
24 531.47x298.88 567.3x323.2 240FS023 964478 R-Center
23 512.4x289.4 529.46x311.28 230FS025 LROG964 B-Left
21.5 480x271.5 496.6x295.6 215FS025 LROG964 B-Left

01/16/16 - Signet CNK has introduced full line of Display Solutions. Please contact our sales team for more information.

Please contact our sales team for more information.

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